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The Apple i Phones – 5

This week marks the 5th anniversary of Apple’s iphone. On 9th January
2007 iphone revolutionary the late Steve Job presented its first Smartphone to
mobile world and delivered one if his finest keynotes.

 “Today, we’re
introducing three revolutionary products. The first one is a widescreen iPod
with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary mobile phone. The third is a
breakthrough internet communications device. These are not three separate
devices. This is one device. And we are calling it iPhone. Today Apple is going
to reinvent the phone.”

Strategy Analytic  presented
its latest statics noting that Apple has shipped 250 million iPhones
cumulatively worldwide, generating $150 billion in cumulative revenues

The iPhone will no doubt will be remember as a revolution in the
Smartphones world. The iPhone popularity continues to grow and retain its old
customers as well. The future of Smartphones is here to grow and with every
passing day a new flagship device is released and the next iPhone will be no

I am presenting here some interesting stats
about iPhone’s journey since its inception in 2007, from a modest beginning to
a worldwide cultural and technological phenomenon.

  • The
    original iPhone cost $499 and had just 4GB of storage was 11.6mm thick and
    weighed 135 grams
    .The 8 GB model cost
    $599. On September 5, 2007 Apple dropped the 8GB model price to $399 and
    discontinued the 4 GB model.

  • The original iPhone, which
    debuted only on one carrier in the US, sold 270,000 units in its first two days and it took 
    took 74 days to reach one million sales.

  • A 16 GB
    model costing $499 was released on February 5, 2008.

  • The
    development cost of the original iPhone is estimated to be around $150 million
    and had 153600 pixels, at a display resolution of 320×480 pixels at 163
    The latest
    iPhone 4S has 614400 pixels, or four times the original. It has a display
    resolution of 640X960 at 326 pixels-per-inch.

  • The second version of iPhone
    3G had a million sales in the opening
    weekend. The iPhone 3GS had a 
    similar results in the pening weekend sales.3G is the lightest iPhone
    till date at 133 grams.

  • The iPhone 4 clocked
    over 600,000 pre-orders in just a single day and 
    million units of the iPhone 4 were sold during the weekend that sales opened.

    iPhone 4S became the first iPhone to cross a million pre-order land mark figure the
    day pre-orders opened.

  • There are over 650,000 iOS
    apps as June 2012 and over 
    over 30 billion apps
    download from Apple’s App Store as of June 2012. 
    Apple has paid over $5
    billion to developers as their share of the App Store revenue.

The legacy left by the late Steve Jobs will surely last till the last day of technology world and Smartphones are here to get inspirations from iPhones and continue to keep its touch screen users amazed with the technological marverls.

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