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The Apple iPhone 4S

The rumors about the release date of iPhone 5 are all over the internet and all iPhone world is eagerly waiting to welcome its next generation marvel “The iPhone 5”. So far no concrete news is available about the release date however according to Foxconn Apple iPhone 5 will put Samsung Galaxy S III to shame. The Smartphone war is definitely on between Apple’s iPhones and Samsungs Galaxy series.

Now only time will justify the claims but Smartphone users will benefits either ways. But as of now lets look at Apple’s 5th generation iPhone “The iPhone 4S “announced in the last October 2011 and was launched 10 days later. Though iPhone 4S is not the king of cell phones arena, but it is the part of the royal family. As mentioned in my last post iphone 4 sold 1.7 million during that weekend sales opened and iPhone 4S was the first iPhone to break the million pre-orders mark and selling over 4 million sales in the first three days. 

iPhone4S comes in Black and White with a capacity of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, a power packed dual-core A5 chip, 8MP iSight camera, iOS 5 and iCloud and the introduction of Siri, Apple’s voice recognition and it’s unique ability to understand the meaning of what you say, phrasing doesn’t matter and it has a knack for returning with incredibly helpful information. Primarily Siri works on a you command and I answer your requests concept. You can ask any trivial information like asking a contact’s details, checking on whether or even setting up an alarms/reminder, finding the location of your friends or even ask about the best cell phone available in the market that female robotic voice will tell you “The one you are holding “by just holding down the Home button.Siri user your location and a Google search to find a response. So will be required to stay connected either to Wi-Fi or your service provide internet connection. This feature is currently in beta mode and supports English, French, and German languages.

The new iOS5 which lets its user to experience with over 200 features making iPhone even more powerful, innovative, and fun to use to its iphone world. We have to go by what Apple’s official website says about iPhone4S “Picking up where amazing left off

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