Google welcomes Jellybean Android 4.1

Android Jellybean 4.1                     

Google welcomes latest Android version – Jellybean. The new marvel
from Google, the new version of android OS, this will be an upgrade to existing
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), however newly launched android ICS is one
stop solution for Smartphones. Android Jelly bean will mainly focus on
enhancing and extending the android capabilities to laptops and desktops as
well. The new OS will better support Intel’s x86 processor architecture, making it easier for keypad and mouse support.
Google revealed some of the new features for the latest Android 4.1version –Jellybean which includes performance improvement and all new search engine called GoogleNow, to enable its users to get the right information on right time on their SmartphoneJellybean will be made available as an over-the-air update for Motorola’s Xoom tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S Smartphones, inmid-July.
With the introduction of Google Now, users will not only get the latest updates of their favorite sports or current flight status(if you are a frequent traveler) but will also
help them with traffic woes by showing an alternative no traffic route. The feature bears similarity to the Siri virtual assistant on Apple’s iPhone. 
Google Inc. said the Google Now feature will get smarter as you use it more. But to have all these do not forget to activate g Google Now on your cell phones.

Jelly bean will also let its users to share phone between two
phones together by just tapping as it uses an emerging wireless technology
called near-field communications. Android Jellybean 4.1will now shows search
“cards” when a person uses that feature to display important
information. It also will use cards for its improved voice search feature,
which will display specific information about a question such as, “What is
the definition of a robot. Google said there are a million new Android devices
activated daily, up from 400,000 a year ago.
Google’s Jelly bean will certainly here to make a difference in the android world and chief rival to the mobile Czar Apple’s iPhone and iPad. 

Had there any seven wonder in the Android world, Jelly bean surely
top the chart but you never know what Google is holding in its coffer for the
future tech world. 
Ice Cream Season is Just Beginning for Android.

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