How to Eat Healthy and Nutritious Pizza at a Lunch Restaurant

Dealing with weight, controlling the diet, being over conscious about weight gain and so on has become the basic routine of our daily lives. No doubt “HEATH IS WEALTH “and we should take care of our health, but what’s the fun when you have money and do not enjoy it. You are found of junk food (every one), who does not want to snack on some deeply fried MacDonald’s French fries or Pizza hut’s garlic bread fully loaded cheese and pepper. Since then we have come a long way and weight loss, diet control, healthy life has become a new mantra of our time.

Recently I had a team get together and ordered spicy chicken pizza from Pizza hut, of course loaded with calories, so just this thought hit my mind, why not write about having a healthy pizza, why can’t pizza be part of a healthy diet?Well think again! Is it really possible to have a healthy pizza? First of all to all my readers, I am not here to make you count how many calories you should be eating or how many burning the same evening in the gym after having a heavy pizza. Pizza by default is hard to resist when it is loaded with thin crust layer fully baked filled with cheese, toppings and lots of pepper ( to spice up if you are an Indian ).I call it as the Italian roti .Several places, such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s serve pizza for lunch and dinner. Well be smart enough to choose best healthy pizza, while it is great, it is also important not to over-eat. Here are some steps to help you better.


  • Start with the salad bar. Most Pizza Huts offer a salad bar with several varieties. It won’t help to try these out; there is bound to be something you like.
  • Alter the dressings and toppings to your salad. It will taste much better and you will be encouraged to eat it. It is better to over-eat on salad than with pizza.
  • Order a pizza, but only eat one or two slices. Share the rest with others you are with, or carry out the pizza for another day.
  • Don’t order a dessert unless you are sure it is okay for your body. If you feel full, stop. There is always another time to eat dessert.If you must order a dessert, try something small. Many places offer, “minis”, smaller versions of desserts. Try these. Alternately, share a dessert with others.
  • The drinks can be where to cut down. Opt out for water or lemon or mind crusher instead of a soft drink. Soft drinks can have several calories without seeming like it.


  • Go with family. You can split meals and save some bucks as you have lots to offer to choose from and ask someone to keep an eye out for you splurging and  a word of caution Do not over-eat. This can cause problems in the long-term.

Disclaimer: Some of the content in this article is derived from wikiow

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