Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia 808

This was the known fact of discussion in the Smartphone world. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 followed by Nokia 808, both were sure to get compared in all terms ranging from price to technology what Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia 808 are to offer. We as an end user should not look it as a gladiator arena where everyone is fighting to survive and trying to amaze the emperor.

As mentioned in my previous post, both Smartphones are best in their class and has best to offer to its user. Eventually its user’s choice to choose what best suits his pocket. Both Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia 808 run on the latest operating system android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and Symbian (Belle).

In terms of processors and RAM Samsung Galaxy S3 has slight edge over Nokia 808 as Galaxy S3 comes with 1.4 GHz where and Nokia 808 on 1.3GHz. Unlike me, if you are a very intense user of mobile technology, you will barely spot the difference in the processing speed. As far as RAM is concerned Samsung Galaxy S3 surely won over Nokia 808 as Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 1GB compared to 512MB RAMfrom Nokia 808.

Display type and size more or less works on AMOLEDso this should not be major concerned and internal storage has the same basic capacity of 16GB to offer. Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia 808 allow its users to expand the memory up to 64 GB and 32GB respectively via microSD card. Again if you are not a heavy user of mobile applications and downloads and you are among those who user mobile for its primary usage like calling and listing to music (1GB holds ~256 average size songs) on your Smartphones,16GB itself would be way to good enough for you to store your data.

Now we come to the key point why Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia 808 have become a primary point of comparison and why Nokia 808 took over all the other Smartphones in this category. Its camera features, the 41MP Carl Zeiss optics camera from Nokia 808.Nokia 808 surely wins over Samsung Galaxy S3 as S3 comes with 8MP auto focus with LED flasha natural choice over 8MP.

After all it is hard to ignore a chance to play around with the world’s first camera phone with a 41MP sensor which captures images at 5 MP resolutions, despite its 41MP sensor. Photography is quick, as soon as one is through; the camera is ready for the next click.

                                                       The Verdict :

Consumer expectations were set very high after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia 808 and both Samsung and Nokia have delivered the best in the Smartphone world by presenting a technological marvels in the form Galaxy S III and Nokia 808 .The camera, processor, and the software customizations, all are best in the class right now.

In the end, it all comes down to one thing “pricing”. Samsung Galaxy S III priced @ Rs. 38900 and Nokia 808 @ Rs. 32499 respectively. Eventually it’s your choice to choose what best suits your pocket so if price is no barrier to you, go for it!
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