During this hot summer, we all have seen numerous cola ads splashing our TV screens and we certainly do not mind spending few bucks to buy any of these commonly available soft drinks throughout the year. After all, these are easy available and certainly our minds have imbibed these ads very silently in our lives. Our celebrities are endorsing it big time and why not so as cola companies pays a hefty fees to them.I am not saying these are bad or harmful but these are definitely unhealthy. But once in a while it’s ok to have, but do not make a habit.
Its human nature to get attracted to good looking finely packed loaded with attractive pictures bottles and ignoring the best available natural drinks. I would say it should be our first choice. Today I am writing about what I call it as the “NATURE’S TRUE MIRACLE” when I look at. You will also believe me soon. I am 200 % sure that you had it this summer and sometime off season as well. So let ditch those fully loaded unhealthy soft drinks and switch to nature’s best gift to us” The Tender Coconut Water”
We all know it, have heard it and read it numerous times. I remember my grandma having it regularly, season hardly mattered her. We have certainly missed out how nature has made tender coconut water nourishing to us. But please do not ever think it’s only for Indian though it is easily available in India, especially in south India. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of tender coconut water from any part of the globe. People living in humid countries like India and those in Arab countries, tender coconut water is must as the nutrition’s found in tender coconut water fight the heat.
Tender coconut water contains Vitamin B, protein and Iron, minerals likes calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphoric acid. Consume it in its natural form as we know any kind of so called amalgamation experiments done with it will certainly destroy its natural elements. If you are on a diet and a health conscious person, drive the health benefits out it as it just contains 16 – 18 calories per 100 grams.

Benefits of tender coconut water
Help in Fighting body heat. In this fast faced world where time means money, body heat is one of the most common problems we suffer in our day today life. Some of the sign includes restlessness, anxiety, red swollen eyes. So enjoy the richness of tender coconut water so keep your mind cool and body temperature in control.

Fights dehydration: Another common problem generally in summer, the loss of water in our body causes dehydration but the nutrition found in tender coconut water helps in regaining lost sold due to excessive physical exhaustion.

A must for pregnant women: As we all are aware of the mood swings and changes in the pregnant woman’s life at various different stages of pregnancy making them suffer usually from indigestion, acidity, and heartburn. Tender coconut water is an excellent energizer helps to cop up with changes during pregnancy and boots level of amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby and very vital for your baby’s development. 

Increases immunity: As we all know how important it is to have good immune system to stop disease from entering in our body, killing bacteria, or viruses and destroying viruses and bacteria after they make their presence felt in our body. Tender coconut water just does for you. Lauric acid found in Tender coconut water helps in preventing the bacteria entering in our body and common fever which is an initial sign of malaria and typhoid; electrolytes present in tender coconut water help in setting your stomach and thereby control nausea and most importantly, keeping your pocket becoming light in today techno savvy hospitals.
 Managing urinary symptoms: Tender coconut water is well known to relieve to control urinary infections. You visit any hospital and you will know why tender coconut water is sold at double the price. The diuretic quality of coconut water not only increases flow of urine, thereby keeping the urinary passage clean but also helps in dissolving kidney stones in a natural way. Many of the doctors advise tender coconut water if you are suffering from urinary tract infection as it works as an antiseptic that helps to remove poisonous minerals.
Tender Coconut water is sweet and a little oily in nature, especially recommended for all the people especially the old and sick who are suffering from digestions.
Harmful Side effects of Tender Coconut Water – So far have not found any, that’s why I call it as “NATURE’S TRUE MIRACLE”

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