Losing weight has become the latest trend of today’s generation.  You meet any guy or girl and I am damn sure they will come up with their own health benefits topics and some question which your hear all the time. Are you on a diet, how to lose weight, Are you on weight loss, what diet food are you using, which diet program have you joined, what is your BMI and the list is endless.

But first let’s get this straight. There is no short cut to lose weight and you cannot escape the physical exercise to shed those extra pounds around your waist and belly but surely green tea will help you losing weight to a great extent. But why only green tea in my diet.

Green tea’s usage goes back to the ancient time, originating from China and used as medicine. Wikipedia defines Green tea is made “solely from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. This should not concern you; thanks to today’s tech savvy era green tea is easily available in any nearby store. Many of the health consultants recommend the use of green tea in your diet. There are endless benefits of green tea, listing few of them.

Weight Loss:Green tea increases the metabolism, helps burning your fats faster to a great extent.
Skin care:A second and foremost benefit of green tea is that it helps in reducing wrinkles and the signs of aging.

Depression and Stress:If you are having a tough time in your work life due to excessive pressure or finding it difficult to deal with stress which some say is the early signs of depression, so green tea is must in your daily routine. Theanine naturally found in tea leave which provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect. So pick up a green tea bag and enjoy at your work station.

Other health benefits of green tea include reduction in blood pressure, help in preventing tooth decay, lines the blood vassals thus keeping the heart diseases away.

Google it to find more benefits of green tea, whether you are office, at home include green tea in your daily routine. Do not be confused as to which brand to pick or which the best is. Just pick one that suite the best to your pocket. Green tea comes in a pack of 10 or 25 bags per box. A very easy to prepare, filled with enormous health benefits. 

Not adding a video its dead simple,just add a green tea bag to a cup hot water, sweeten with sugar or honey. I would recommend honey as honey with warm water in the morning is best known ways to lose weight.

So did you try it today? Love to hear from my reader so do leave you comments


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