Well the name itself tells it all, breaking the fast. It’s by all means “the most important “meal of the day as your body is starving for nearly 12 hrs and needs to be refilled. Breakfast just does that your body; it lets your body with necessary nutrients and gives you much needed kickoff.

As we all have less time to eat and more time to worry about money, work, emotional and mental stress and the list is endless and save too much time to snack on junk food in the evening. Here are top 5ive healthy breakfasts you can snack on in a jiffy. My today’s theme is “Easy to buy and very easy to prepare.”

    1.   Boiled Eggs: One of the most simplest, healthiest and easiest of all to prepare which not only a good source of protein, selenium and riboflavin but also lets you stay full for longer, helps you in managing your weight (if you are a weight conscious person). Dice it to make it juicy and make yourself an omelet by adding some chopped vegetables on a slice of wheat toast, add  a slice of low fat cheese, salt , turmeric ( a pinch though ) and pepper to make it tasty and spicy and you have your Indian healthy breakfast ready. Check your cholesterol level, if it’s high, then it best to stay away from yolk.

2.    Idlis: An ancient Indian food, if you are a south Indian, then this probably be your everyday breakfast but do you know that steamed Idlis contains low fats which are easy to digest. Three good Idlis contain ~130 calories and way too good for a present day health conscious dish. Enjoy with typical coconut chutney and sambar or even with honey. Remember Idlis are low in calories but also keeps you full for longer. Cook Idlis a night before, if you’re too occupied in the morning.


    3.   Wheat bread and Peanut butter: Common misconception among many people is that peanut butter will make you put on weight. But peanut will good source of energy which gives instant boost to your body as it is very rich in antioxidant. Spread it over a wheat bread for healthy, nutritious, and energizing breakfast which lets you keep active.

    4.   Oats: The endless benefits of oats includes low in calories, low fat ,high in fiber, high level of proteins. It not only helps in keeping your blood sugar levels under control but keeps your cholesterol level under check and its way to easy to prepare. Try adding fruits and nuts or even dried fruits.


     5.   Curd: I am rating this as the smartest and easiest of all, delicious and highly nutritious breakfast. Add some chopped bananas and apple to a bowl of curd and you have your healthy breakfast ready in no time.

Adding to this list is


Whole-wheat bread sandwich: A must for vegetarians, add the basic vegetables like tomato, onion, low fat paneer and cucumber and you are ready to go. Add a pinch of salt and pepper for taste. For non vegetarians add some smoked/boiled boneless chicken, mustard sauce or mayonnaise.

So which one you will try. I love to hear from my reader so do leave you comments




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